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That's it! The new 3DS has finally arrived (and configured) in Otakugame.fr! Want to know more about the beast? Want to view image? You are on the right page!

Before you begin, know that it has been ordered your console here: http://otk.ovh/1t4HXZ1

It's super simple to console configuration, you can inspire my tutorial that you can read
There! You are ready to read my Quick'Test! 3, 2, 1, go!

New 3DS is!
The new 3DS got me to stop playing Smash Bros!
First things first: The hit of the console. And it's all good! Just like the 3DS XL, 3DS is now new rounder, less angular. It also uses a softer plastic: I have the feeling of holding hands in roller! Result: The console is much more comfortable in your hand! And little bonus: The screen is larger than the 3DS, but is smaller than that of the 3DS XL. It must be said that next XL seems really low (if not cheesy), suddenly ... I prefer this compromise.

The transfer backups from my 3DS to my New 3DS. Yeah!
Side by side, it is clear that the new 3DS has larger screens.
What about the new REAL?
The real news? There are none luckily, I was able to find one at 2¤50 balances to sell my, the console has the and not used in games I own. There is also a new "C-Stick" that does not move when handling and resembling the old trackpoint Thinkpoint Lenovo!
3ds emulator

Detailed SNES buttons New 3DS

Detailed SNES buttons New 3DS
I could use this in Kid Icarus Uprising trackpoint, and I must say it's still much more pleasant to play with this trackpad with is not luxury The Start and Select buttons are also much more accessible.

But when I say new I mean 3D mess!
Calm down! I come! Regarding 3D, it uses head depending on your location in the environment. I believed at all ... and I am amazed. By placing the console in test mode, we find that the console detects very smoothly the face of the player! In fact, this new camera facial looks like a mini Kinect!

New 3DS with Pokémon Sapphire Alpha
New 3DS with Pokémon Sapphire Alpha
So I do not know how it works, but it also works in the dark. You can turn the console, look aside, frankly, to lose the 3D, you really do it on purpose (and even then, she returns after even a second!).

So I'm not going to go through four paths: 3D is now natural because you do not need to look for the right position to look - it's the console that more pronounced! At the 3DS XL is true, except that it is on a 3DS! I assume that the effect has yet to be highlighted on the new 3DS XL, to be confirmed (if
The Circle Pad and directional Believe the New 3DS
SIR side of the Circle Pad, which works well after my games Smash!
In short, these new 3D 3DS is what would be the 3D of the 3DS from to 3D and avoided launching the 2DS ... Clean, no blurring, plateformess confused. Really. Finally, if we exclude the 3D IMAX 3D still ^^!

And customization?
Level customization, I love this new concept of shells, found only on the classical model unfortunately. Result: Yoshi shell that I bought for the console suits him perfectly! Even better: It also serves as protection given the low cost of the shell (it cost me 12¤), thus can change the slightest scratch. Although for me, I continue to use my pouch Mario, I want to scratch my brother Yoshi!

New 3DS with its cover plate YoshiNew 3DS with its cover plate Yoshi
And so ... The verdict?
Verdict: I am more satisfied and the console beyond my expectations. I am very happy for once not to have waited marketing of the console in Europe. I think that those who currently buy a 3DS, a 2DS or 3DS XL missed by discovering the contribution for the new 3DS 3DS. Much faster side (mouaip) and the C-Stick are dispensable (but a different light. In short, if you have an aging 3DS, feel free to do the upgrade. If you more dispensable more ...