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Andy OS, a company that distributes Android desktop OS, today announced a $ 3 million seed round led by 500 Startups 500 collective Mobile.

With the new cash, founder Andy OS Sean Murphy has initial objectives. First, "the main objective is the recruitment and hiring technology talent in May," says Murphy. Second, Murphy aims to collaborate with developers of Android applications to help them market for users Andy OS. According Murphy, Andy OS users generally fall into two categories: 70 percent are the players and the rest used for Android messaging applications.

According Newzoo, the mobile gaming industry is now a $ 25B. For managers of mobile games, Andy OS could help you get in front of people on both Mac and PC, still playing mobile games.

In the long term, Murphy's goal is to become a leading mobile virtual operating systems - a sort of giant enterprise mobile counterpart VMWare.

In addition to being an acquisition target for VMWare, Murphy believes to see a trend here anymore. While companies like Adobe and Google to invest in streaming applications, Murphy believes that the following two operating systems for streaming, and Andy OS has scaffolding instead of going wave.Imagine that all applications and games Windows-based PC or Mac as does Android phone. No mention of an emulator that lets you run multiple mobile applications on the desktop. It's still a full Android in the cloud that can run on any Windows PC or Mac.

What you get is complete desktop experience on Android - Android users the same interface that you can change and access to all the Android applications and games on Google Play Store, you can sync with your phone. In other words, you can have the same computing environment on all your devices.
Clash of Clans Games

His name is Andy OS and quietly launched nine months ago. Has already won 3.5 million installs with 60 percent of daily active users. And only 3 million in seed funding 500 collective Mobile, DeNA China Rock Ventures, Weiming Angels, Cherubim Ventures and SEA Ventures.Android has more than 80 percent of the market coverage of mobile OS in the world and on the other side you have Windows with more than 80 percent of the entire operating system market. For the most part, these two operating systems do not talk to each other. None of tons of killer applications that have been developed for Android can run on a PC and vice versa. This, for consumers, is something embarrassing to a real problem. Android is the number one operating system in India and many other places, except perhaps Silicon Valley. At the same time, we have two and three billion desktops and shelves different form factor. So Sean and his team at Andy OS working on something that is super-strategic for us. I think the next two investments you make, will also be at the center of the infrastructure, supporting the mobile ecosystem. The largest number of facilities before Andy OS, just organic from the United States, India and Brazil. Once you start getting Marketed as financing, China is too huge potential market. Asian Connections Edith Yeung and 500 mobile collective will turn then.

"One thing that is very interesting to me is that India is one of the three major markets," says Yeung. "Andy will be able to go to India because a lot of people out there who have smartphones are not even access the Internet from desktop devices. They will also be able to use Android on their sites via PC Andy.